MCC-Interim Target System

If you decide to have a play around with any of the QEMU images that were set up by Owen, one thing to remember is that QEMU defaults to an emulated PCI system with a Pentium II processor and 128 MB of memory. At the time the MCC-Interim Linux came out the odds are that the actual target system was of much lower specification.

When these were originally built, the office system was a 16MHz 386sx (no maths coprocessor) with 4 MB of memory and a 40MB hard drive.

The oldest QEMU image was set up with an emulated 64MB harddrive, but without a swap partition. You can dumb down the emulated spec to an ISA PC with the '-M isapc' option and reduce the emulated system memory with the '-m xxx' option. Without a swap partition try running 0.97p2-12 with '8-16' MB of emulated memory, and you'll need at least 8MB to compile the kernel in the emulation.

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