MCC Interim Release 1.2+

This page contains links to images of the MCC Interim Release which may be booted using the QEMU PC emulator.

We are publishing these images to make it as easy as possible for people to download and use the MCC Interim Release. Keeping the MCC Interim Release alive in an easily usable format will, we hope, help to preserve it from the fate of many other systems: a slow descent into obscurity, to the point where it is no longer possible to see and experience a running system.

We hope these bootable images will be of interest to historians of Linux/UNIX/computing in general and to anyone else who enjoys running old machines to see them come to life!

Please bear in mind that these images are as historically accurate as we can make them and consequenly they will have upto 15 years of security holes and any other problems that were around at the time the originals were released!

The following QEMU images are available. (More will be added as time allows):

Version 1.2+

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