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MCC Interim Release 1.0+

The MCC-Interim v1.0+ system images for QEMU are given below.

I have produced three QEMU system images:


This is the base system on a hard disk produced with just the nocdrom.gz and root.gz floppy disk images from the original distribution.


This is an MSDOS formatted disk image containing all the standard and extra packages.


This is a combination of both of the previous two disk images.

After downloading any of the files, ungzip them first. You can run either of the system images by typing:

qemu -M isapc -hda mcc-interim-base-1.0+.img


qemu -M isapc -hda mcc-interim-1.0+.img

To add some or all of the packages from the extra disk image, type:

qemu -M isapc -hda mcc-interim-base-1.0+.img -hdb mcc-interim-extra-1.0+.img

When the system has started, login as root and type:


Select option 5 (+RETURN), folowed by the block device /dev/hdb (+RETURN) and then answer y (+RETURN) to be prompted for each package, or n (+RETURN) to install all the available packages. Then type the location of the packages /mnt (+RETURN)

(The image shows the Mac OSX version of QEMU, but the actual terminal would be the same on other platforms)

After thinking about it, since QEMU runs as default as a system with 128MB memory and that machines that the MCC Interim version originally ran on had nowhere near this amout of memory there is no real need to set up a swap partition in the emulated image. So I created another two system disk images:


This is an MSDOS format image with all the standard, extra and contributor(*) packages


This is a combination or the base image and the above packages image but no swap partition.

(*) The packages in the contributors section install themselves on ‘/’ rather than in /usr/… so be carefull if you recreate the QEMU image.

The -M isapc option is required as these systems were pre-PCI and QEMU needs to be told to turn back the clock to the stone age… :-)

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