16th August 2008

Waking up to an Open World

The nature of the talk will outline the hurdles in place which prevent the wholesale adoption of free and open software and how they will be removed.

John Adams is Managing Director of Mintra Limited an independant Systems integrator which supports mixed Open and Closed systems. John is [...]

21st January 2006

We have two invited speakers – Jono Bacon and David Gilbert.

On the front line: convincing people the inconvincible – Jono Bacon

Linux advocacy is a funny old game. Although many of us want to bring new people over to free software and Open source, there is precious little advice about doing it effectively.


19th February 2005

What’s Wrong with Free Software Dave Fisher of GBDirect

2005 will not be the year that ‘Linux conquers the desktop’. Growth will be slow and organic, depending on direct personal experience with little prospect of it becoming a majority concern any time soon. This is a problem for everyone in the open source community. [...]

15th November 2003

Screening of Revolution OS.

There will be a short introduction and opportunity for discussion (and other activities) afterwards.

Revolution OS is a film by J.T.S. Moore about free software, Linux, and the open source movement. It presents a number of different points of view without attempting to determine which is correct, and it [...]

15th September 2001

Managing a Corporate IT Infrastructure using Open Source Tools James Carter

The company I work for recently implemented a centralised IT management policy. For this we need a set of tools to manage our 50+ NT Servers and 1300+ (Various MS OS’s) Desktop PC’s at 16 sites across the UK.

We [...]