About Us

ManLUG (Manchester Linux User Group) is recognised as the oldest user group dedicated to Linux in the UK. From 1994 - 2008 meetings had been held in what is now the Kilburn building each month since its inception in the early 1990′s.

After a reorganisation of the building in 2009 the University wanted to charge us for the use of the room and extra staffing. We had never had a door charge and weren’t going to start one, unfortunately that year there were no meetings.

In 2010 we had been looking around for an alternative venue, in February of that year our first meeting was held at MadLAB in the Northern Quarter since 2008. If you look through the meetings, you'll see that our very first meeting was way back on the 22nd November 1994. The meeting in November 2014 was a 20 year anniversary celebration of the group.

There are quite a few gaps in the history of ManLUG lost in the annals of time. A number were filled in thanks to the 'Way Back Machine' and that previously migrated over from the old Joomla based system to the previous WordPress site.