Manlug meeting February 2020

The Manlug meeting for February 2020 is at Manchester Central Library, details as below:

Meeting date:  15/02/20

Meeting times: 13:30 - 16:30


Now you should and probably are using lvm's, however if for some reason you are not you need to manually grow the partition, but how to do safely?

I'm going to take you through `parted` (the command line version of gparted which you no doubt have heard of), we'll learn the basic commands and progress onto removing a partition, resizing a partition, then putting it all back together. We'll end with making sure your system will boot without delay afterwards.

Hope to see you all there, bring your friends along, you know they'll thank you for knowing how to use `parted'.

I will also provide a brief overview of my time at Fosdem last week, always an interesting weekend away.