Manlug meeting April 2015

The Manlug meeting for April 2015 will be at Madlab this month, details below:

Location:Madlab - PLANT NOMA

Dantzic Street,
M60 0AE

Meeting Date:  18/04/2015

Meeting times: 19:00 - 21:00


Dave Gilbert has very kindly confirmed he will do an updated talk from a few years ago, here it is below in his own words:

"Back in 1999 I presented a ManLUG talk on 'Linux on Non-PC systems' - back then most people who had used Linux had used it on PCs, now you can walk into a shop on any high street and buy a Linux system that fits in your pocket and is probably not a PC. I'll talk about the different sorts of systems that are out there, where you might find them and what makes it different from running Linux on a PC, and I'll look back 16 years to see what has changed."

Links to slides can be found below:

odp format

pdf format

We have both so in another 20 years we can see which one renders properly :-)