Manlug meeting July 2014

The Manlug meeting for July 2014 is taking place on 26th July, details below:

Location:Madlab - PLANT NOMA

Dantzic Street,
M60 0AE

Meeting Date:  26/07/2014

Meeting times: 19:00 - 21:00


This month will be a planning meeting for the August meeting, my initial idea was to have the talk in July but I then thought it might be better to make sure we get time to plan it properly. As discussed over a cold beer and other beverages at Terrace after last months talk it was decided that this meeting should be, details bulleted below:

Target audience – aimed at users who are new to Linux

Objective – Essentials for new users coming to Linux

Topics to be covered – web browsers, email clients, music player, irc

Distro – Linux Mint – MATE

This is possibly the most important point, if you know anybody who may be interested in coming along so we are not giving the talk to each other, if you can forward it on to anybody of interest.