Manlug meeting April 2014

The Manlug meeting for April 2014 is taking place on 19th April, details below:

Location:Madlab - PLANT NOMA

Dantzic Street,
M60 0AE

Meeting Date:  19/04/2014

Meeting times: 19:00 - 21:00


This talk will be given by myself, it will be a server sprint. I require assistance finishing off the build on the Manlug VPS very kindly provided for free by Melbourne Hosting. I’ve done alot of work on it but I still need to install the webserver and do some hardening. This project would I think benifit from multiple sets of eyes seeing it from a different prespective and those who have more experience than myself. The distro being used is Centos, so if you have production experience that would be extremely useful, but of course any distro would be appreciated.

Update (10/4/14):

Madlab have a course that day and the buzzer sounds upstairs when you ring the bell outside. I’ll be standing at the door on the 19/04 from about 13.40 until about 14:10, if you happen to arrive after this time please knock on the door.