Manlug meeting July 2012

The Manlug meeting for July 2012 is taking place on 21st July, details below:

Location:Madlab - PLANT NOMA

Dantzic Street,
M60 0AE

Meeting Date:  21/07/2012

Meeting times: 19:00 - 21:00


Tim Fletcher is very kindly giving presenting a talk on embedded linux and the various devices that he has running.

It will specifically focus on OpenWRT but will also cover the Kirkwood platform/ Raspberry Pi and the various flavours of linux that can be run on them.

Specifically he will be talking about embedded linux and covering the following:

What are are embedded devices and how do they work?

What do I mean by embedded linux?

What devices can you run linux on?

Why do you want to do this and what can you do?

Tim will be bringing a Raspberry Pi, a Netgear WNDR3700, a Cisco WRT160NL, an iomega iConnect, and a TP-Link WR703N.

PS, a voluntary contribution of £1 – £2 per person would be highly appreciated to assist our good friends at Madlab in their day to day running costs.