Manlug meeting April 2006

22nd April 2006



A few people have expressed concern over the clash of this Installfest with the Easter weekend, so it has been decided to push the Installfest back a week till the 22nd April 2006 - we did think of pushing Easter back but alot of people have been counting on their chocolate eggs this week.

Experts, please bring some CDs or DVDs;

The latest Ubuntu release (Dapper Drake) has been put back at least 6 weeks but because the freebies normally take a bit longer to arrive it will probably be at least June before we see them. I have been downloading the latest snapshot images of both the Live and Install CD's for i386 and PowerPC each week so the impatient amongst you could use those as I'll have burned a set for the InstallFest.

Please feel free to bring hardware if you want to have us install Linux on it for you, or if you want us to sort out one or more of your problems.

WARNING: If you do bring hardware, please do remember to back it up first. Your data, whether under XP or under older versions of Linux, may not survive!