Manlug meeting March 2006

18th March 2006

Myth TV

Mike Richardson


Fed up of setting the video wrongly or forgetting to set it at all?

(Mike has put his presentation online at

The latest consumer VCRs are now PVRs - Personal Video Recorders such as Sky Plus and the "Toppy". These are devices capable of recording TV onto hard drives or DVD Rs.

However these devices have limitations

MythTV solves these problems and many more. MythTV is a client/server networked PVR which combines inputs from multiple data sources, online EPGs and makes it available to frontend playback systems. You can pause, rewind, fast forward 'live' TV. A clever scheduling system resolves multiple input, multiple channel programming conflicts. It isn't perfect but it is the closest thing to a truly elegant solution that I'm aware of.

I hope to present a summary of what MythTV can do and give a demonstration of it in action.