Manlug meeting January 2006

21st January 2006

We have two invited speakers - Jono Bacon and David Gilbert.

On the front line: convincing people the inconvincible

Jono Bacon


Linux advocacy is a funny old game. Although many of us want to bring new people over to free software and Open source, there is precious little advice about doing it effectively.

Jono Bacon ( has been advocate of Linux and free software since 1998 and currently works as a full time Open Source evangelist and consultant at the UK government funded OpenAdvantage ( As a journalist, Jono has written extensively about advocacy, and has authored columns and articles, and provides consultancy for community building and Open Source development. Jono is also one of the four large gents in the popular LUGRadio ( podcast.

In this talk, Jono will share some techniques and pointers about effectively advocating Open Source. Riddled with anecdotes and stories, the presentation provides a good grounding for those of you who want to help do you bit to push Open Source and free software forward to more people.

David Gilbert


David Gilbert, a ManLUG regular and previous speaker, will be talking about coreutils.

The presentation is available here as a PDF.