Manlug meeting February 2005

19th February 2005

What's Wrong with Free Software

Dave Fisher of GBDirect


2005 will not be the year that 'Linux conquers the desktop'. Growth will be slow and organic, depending on direct personal experience with little prospect of it becoming a majority concern any time soon. This is a problem for everyone in the open source community. If open source does not quickly achieve sufficient gravity to shape the general environment to its needs, it will be shaped by hostile elements in that environment.

This talk highlights some of the practical threats to open source, some fundamental weaknesses in its default responses and some possible alternatives. Although the objects of this talk are geeks and technology, it's really about power, strategy and tactics. Those who delude themselves into believing that IT can be separated from politics will hate it.

Bolton TIC

Paul Abbott


Bolton Technical Innovation Centre (TIC) is the UK's first 'Junior Incubator', a brand new concept developed in the North West of England. It links education and industry in a new and natural way, and it lies somewhere between a school, a university research laboratory, a training centre and a factory. Bolton TIC is established to nurture innovation and enterprise in young people, and to inspire a new generation of science, engineering and technology enthusiasts. The centre is open to young people from 9 to 19 years of age, and from every school in the town. It is open during and beyond the school day, at weekends and during holidays.