Manlug meeting July 2003

19th July 2003

Basics of IP networking

Simon Hobson


IP (Internet Protocol) is now the dominant protocol in use on nearly every network in the world. I propose to take a ramble round the 'alphabet soup' of protocols that actually make up IP and demonstrate that there is a bit more to it than "http://" would imply. On the way I'll mention elements of other competing protocols and hopefully show why IP has become so dominant.

Once again there will be an interactive element which may (or may not) provide a little amusement whilst illustrating a few points.

Assorted Books/Software Sale..

Also Grant Crawley is clearing out some of his books and software, O'Reilly and other books. These will be available at about half the usual cost, and the software even cheaper. Unfortunately, Grant is not able to come himself, so you'll have to pay with cash or cheques: no credit cards can be used..