Manlug meeting March 2003

19th March 2003

Wikis - what they are and why you should use one

James Youngman


I'll introduce the Wiki phenomenon, and explain why you should be using one. Wikis are tools for building web pages with almost zero effort; they're a bit like a weblog, but more useful and can be used in a greater variety of ways. In a typical website, a disparate community of contributors use a Wiki to maintain the site or a collection of texts. These texts may, for example, document software packages or answer frequently asked questions.

(A weblog (AKA "blog") is a website which is usually ordered chronologically and which contains short articles, often but not always contributed by the public. Examples include Alan Cox's diary, Advogato, Slashdot, and so on.)

The talk features examples, including how to set up the "TWiki" Wiki, which is written in Perl. For a TWiki taster, see The world's first Wiki is the Portland Pattern Repository.

Creating a bootable CD

Owen Le Blanc


Putting together a bootable CD can be rather a mess. Of course, you can always use something like Tom's Rescue disk or the Bootable Business Card, but it's useful to know what goes into making a bootable CD image, just in case you want to do one of your own. I have a base CD image less than 5mb in size, which I keep up to date and use as a basis for recovery CDs for important machines: boot from the CD and type 'restore', and you can have some 2gb of files back, waiting for any additional data to be restored.