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Manlug meeting February 2003

15th February 2003

MagiConf - The basis for the Debian control center

Marc Duerner


No Distribution so far has managed to integrate their configuration tools into more than one desktop nenvironment. RedHat's configuration tools are Gnome based and the SuSE ones are KDE based.

Debian does not make the mistake of focussing on only one desktop environment, but treats them equally. So when writing a control center for the Debian Linux distribution, one must respect the various desktop environments (or the lack thereof if someone runs a server without X!).

MagiConf is an application backend ( to fit this purpose.

MagiConf is a shared library written in C/C++ using only standard C/C++ libraries and therefore does not depend on a particular desktop environment or toolkit.

MagiConf can be used by a frontend to form a system configuration tool. It is planned to write plugins for the KDE Control Center as well as the Gnome Control Centrer and a text based configuration front end. Writing a front end is very simple since most of the work gets done by the library, which has a very comfortable and well documented API.

Internet Facilitators

Pete Mills

This is a company which sells space and services in our machine room. They have asked to have a very brief spot, which might interest people who walk past all the big machines here and wonder what they do.

DNS -- the Domain Name Service

Simon Hobson


DNS is one of the key internet services, yet is usually unnoticed by most users (until it goes wrong !). In fact I think it is fair to say that it is THE most important service, second only to the network protocols themselves. I intend to demonstrate the basics in an interactive session, and give a feel of the hidden processes at work behind the scenes.