Manlug meeting March 2002

16th March 2002


Robert Morris


Diald is a program which brings up a telephone connection to the Ethernet when you have outgoing packets ready to be transmitted. It uses some other facility such as chat to make the connection, so that has to be installed and configured. There are many utilities which use diald or cooperate with it, monitoring connections and calculating potential costs.

What is Docbook?

Richard Jarvis


The HOWTO-HOWTO points out that:

Docbook is an SGML based markup language used by the Linux Documentation Project to maintain technical documentation and generate multiple output formats from a single source.

"SGML provides for more than just formatting. You can automatically build indexes, table of contents, and links within the document or to outside. You cam export to LaTeX, info, text, HTML, and RTF. From these basic formats, you can then create other formats such as MS Word, PostScript, PDF and so on.

The presentation will give an introduction to Docbook and a demonstration showing how to use Docbook and some supporting tools.