Manlug meeting November 2001

17th November 2001



CYGWIN provides a UNIX like environment for Windows users on nearly all flavours of the Windows operating system. Tony Arnold will give an overview of this system describing what it is, an overview of the packages that are available for CYGWIN, why anyone would want to use it and will finish with an online demonstration of some of its features. More recently the Xfree86 system has been ported to CYGWIN and time permitting a short demo of this will also be given culminating in a demo of a particular package that is truly remarkable!

Tony Arnold has a degree in Computer Science from the University of Manchester and spent some years as a system programmer on PDP-11 and VAX systems, has been a system manager of OpenVMS clusters and has also spent some time doing graphics application development on both Unix based systems and OpenVMS systems. He is currently deputy to the head of the communications, operations and systems (COS) division of Manchester Computing. The hardest thing he has had to do recently is to sacrifice technical work for more managerial work!