Manlug meeting July 2001

21st July 2001

Securing a Linux System

Owen Le Blanc


Hacking is increasing, and it is easier than ever for your machine to be invaded. The problems are usually caused by one of these:

  1. Misconfigured services;
  2. Offering services you don't need;
  3. Not keeping up to date with security patches.

When you install a new machine, you need to use a recent, reputable distribution and patch it before you connect to the internet. This talk contains nothing new, just some reminders of good practice.

CSSC and other source management software

James Youngman


CSSC is the GNU project's clone for the Unix SCCS suite. The talk explains what this is, how it differs from CVS and RCS, why I came to write the GNU version of SCCS. It also glances at Bitkeeper and other alternatives.