Manlug meeting May 2000

20th May 2000

XFree 4.0 - the next generation of free X servers

Dave Gilbert


A major update of XFree has just been released. This talk will talk about the major developments in this new version, point out some of the problems and solutions and suggest where to go for help.

XFree is a freely distributable version of the X Window System that supports many UNIX(R) and UNIX-like operating systems. The X window system provides the framework on which most Linux systems present graphical information. Both the GNOME and KDE frameworks run on top of X on Unix(R) systems.

Sendmail - Friend or Foe?

Matthew John Palmer


Sendmail is the perl of mail. Anything you can do with mail, can be done with Sendmail. This power can make sendmail seem impossible. I'll show you how to make it easier, working from the basics of mail handling and delivery up to strange and arcane Sendmail options. I will demonstrate the power of Sendmail by the use of example configurations, for dialup use on a home or business network, and also on a multi-domain mail server.