Manlug meeting February 2000

19th February 2000

Introduction to XML

Owen Synge


XML is a technology/standard that should have existed years ago. It is stunningly simple, and widely applicable.

The history of XML will be explained first to give a solid understanding of the reasons for associated standards such as XSL and DTD's. Then the implications for the web and also UNIX programmers will be then covered.

This talk will not go into great depth on the specifics of XML, as like any standard or language practical hands on experience is the only way to understand the fine details. The general points will also hopefully keep you all interested.

Building Stupidly Large Resilient Servers using Linux Virtual Servers

Michael Sparks


The Linux Virtual Servers project is aimed at one goal - taking a cluster of server boxes (often linux, but can be any OS) and using the to provide a single coherent highly available service. Since there can be many, many servers in such a cluster, building *very* large servers is easily done.

I'll probably cover everything from how the load balancing is done in terms of TCP/IP/ether frame packets, kernel config, flow/session scheduling, through to building.

Should all be possible, since doing this stuff using LVS is fairly trivial :-)