Manlug meeting August 1999

21st August 1999, 14:00hrs

Pete Crowther

Network Security and Firewalling with Linux


Attacks on computer networks and on individual computers are becoming more frequent, more advanced and harder to detect. Many Linux distributions contain documented security flaws which can expose the system to attack. Simple preventive measures can protect against many of these attacks. Linux also includes features that allow it to be used as a 'cheap and cheerful' firewalling solution. While not as complete or as configurable as a dedicated firewall, these features are often adequate in small installations.

Pete Crowther builds and manages Linux firewalls for an international training company. His talk will demonstrate securing a stock RedHat system, andturning that system into a packet-filtering, proxying, logging firewall with FreeSWAN providing secure access to other sites in a Virtual Private Network. Then he will cover some of the practicalities of maintaining such a firewall after it is built.

Follow-Up from the meeting (url's do not work, not active, text left in for posterity)

Peter did suggest a number of web sites to examine, including (for security holes), (for security announcements), (for ssh and links to other security topics), (for a free firewall kit), and (for the free IPSEC and IKE project).